The healthy manufacture for dog treats in Innsbruck

From the years of pampering my two furnoses and for the love of dogs, my idea for a "dog's bakery" was born. 

Our furry family members should be treated with healthy dog meaty treats.

An idea for conscious dog owners :)

Cupcakes, Meat Pops, cakes, pies and a lot more for birthdays, special events, like dog parties, as a present for friends and families with dog(s).



Two Golden Retrievers

my boy Chico † and my girl Gufi (11 years old)

are my inspiration.


Chico has  accompanied me through all experiences and challenges.


Gufi was adopted by me and is now treated like a princess :D 

Ethics of food


I want to create and give you handmade and healthy treats without sugar, grain, preservative substances and additives.

As the best gift for special occassions with your loved furnoses!

The ingredients are regional and seasonal from local organic farmers.

Also, the various gluten-free flours which are acceptable for dogs like: rice -, potatoe- and cornflour come from controlled cultivation.

On the basis of my experience and also from conversations with dog owners, I know how big the matter of concern for healthy dog food and treats is. 

Most of the industrially manufactured dog food and treats contain grain - especially wheat and sugar, which is not digested for dogs. This could cause health issues.